Carolyn & Tampa

Carolyn & Tampa

CJO Sport Horses was a boutique breeding business with a small selection of young quality sport horse prospects suitable for eventing, hunter/jumper, dressage, and trail. It is not longer either an LLC or even a DBA anymore for two good reasons. The IRS would like me to turn a profit within a certain amount of time and that’s never going to happen. One might think I simply stand in the stalls and shred dollars for shavings! Also, my stock tends to do what horses do best: go lame and require rehab seemingly forever. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t still talk about my horses, post pictures, or throw one up for sale. This is simply not a business anymore. Now about the horses.

The solid development of the CJO Sport Horses' inventory into riding horses is due to the training received at Burgeon Training. I am not a horse trainer. I have trained my horses with guidance received from trainers because I like to be able to handle my horses to a certain extent on the ground. I put most of the early training on Hanako, but not the others. Burgeon Training deserves all the credit for my horses' schooling. Forward and fearless, well mannered in-hand, CJO Sport Horses are beautiful to look at and a pleasure to ride.

I first met Lisa Avila at Denville-Kenani a few years ago. Hanako was convalescing and she did some work with her. Legend foaled out at another facility where Lisa began to work him inhand as a weanling.

Lisa continues to train Hanako, Noelani, and most recently Tampa. Please go to or like Burgeon Training on Facebook for more information.