CJO Sport Horses began with Arie, a grey Oldenburg Sport Horse bred in the purple, and Happy Landings, a Bashkir Curly. I bred Arie to produce fancier, lighter horse. The first crossing, with Laitin, produced Legend, who sold in 2018. The second crossing with the thoroughbred Noble Houston, produced Noelani. She is a refined, fancy mare who is currently for sale. Now looking for a shorter horse, I bred Happy Landings to the thoroughbred Extreme Gold, which resulted in Tampa Gold, a shorter, fancier, lighter and more forward horse.

Thoroughly enjoying the training process has led to exploring taking on a project horse. Panama Red is an absolutely delightful young Andalusian/Tb mix. Green broke, he exhibits a good head and nice movement. Red is impressively trainable! He is in full training with Burgeon Training and progressing very nicely.

Meet Panama Red, Happy Landings, Noelani, and Tampa Gold