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2018 October Woodside International Horse Trials

In this year’s October event, Noelani rose from Training to Novice with her quintessential grace and aplomb. Lisa Avila of Burgeon Training rode her to a successful sixth place in her division.

As the third three day event that I’ve attended, the process felt familiar and flowed easily. For my non-horse friends, a three day event is car camping for a minimum four days with your horse(s), punctuated with intense activities. Instead of my jumping down the rabbit hole in pursuit of the history, differences in levels, rules and regulations, peruse discovereventing.com, an informative site developed by the USEA.

Picking up a perfect application package augured well for our team. Noelani, familiar with Woodside, settled into her tiny box stall as though it were home. There was also a decided shift in her attitude from an easily distracted beginner, throwing her energy out everywhere, to a more self-contained and confident creature. In the stadium and out on the course, her rider/trainer Lisa Avila noticed that once directed towards a jump Noelani exhibited increased maturity and sense of purpose.

Noelani’s ride times were in the morning which afforded the rest of the day to enjoy watching others ride and catching up with friends. Please enjoy the slide show!

Carolyn Orndoff