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Life in General

The other day I had a good lesson riding Hanako. A storm front was blowing in and Hanako felt good: not over-the-top let’s run good, but an energetic forward feeling. I’ve been adding a few warm up exercises we used to do years ago when I rode her western. The arena at Reinstein is fairly large with barrels, cones and jump poles. It keeps her from getting bored with my routine warmups. She’s in such good shape she barely broke a sweat!

Lisa continues to patiently rehab Tampa. They’re up to a daily twenty-five minute walk. Lisa cuts the time in two and Tampa gets out twice a day. The question remains as to what to do in February: placement in a larger paddock or the field for continued recovery.

Tampa and Tyrion could be bookends as their coloring and height are so similar! I’m getting excited about finding a lessee for Tyrion! He’s quite the catch! He does everything now, although green. Compliant and wanting to please, Tyrion has done everything asked of him as best he can. And, he’s coming out of his shell! He beginning to realize that he’s part of the equation, not just a tool, in a relationship with a human.

Noelani’s returning to Graceland as Lisa Avila tore her ACL and will be unable to ride her for a long time. Lisa’s former employer and current trainer, Alexis Helffrich of Cheval Training will take Noelani on. If she wasn’t such a princess, I’d be concerned about moving her from such a spacious paddock stall to a box stall. Noelani loves to be cosy, too. Standing out in the rain, like Hanako, is truly not her thing at all. Plus, she has no coat and easily gets cold. She will be getting out of her stall several times a day, too. Besides turnout and being ridden six days a week, the walker - assuming she takes to it - will be added to her routine.

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