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Happy New Year! 2019's stepping up!

2018’s done and the new year begins! I feel good about that, more so than other years. Celebratory traditions abound with my personal favorites drinking champagne and planning for the New Year. However, this season I can sum up my last year with one word: change. Fortunately nothing more horrific than a few surprise mortality reminders I could have done without. Most of last year’s changes were excellent and planned for, such as the annual trek to WWG Taho, finding Lego an excellent home and visiting family.

(Before continuing, in 2018 my:

1. most memorable book read: Stolen Lives by Malika Ouhkfir (sp?) and several Stephen King novels

2. most memorable movie: saw a lot but BlackkKlansman sticks; I have yet to see anything to make me laugh harder than when I watched Game Night

3. favorite trip: NYC for the first time!

#1 resolution: to fix my hand so that the pinky hits the a instead of caps lock really annoying)

The latest equine related change is Noelani’s return to Graceland Equitation Center. Noelani now trains with Alexis Helffrich and Rachel Fox of Cheval Training. Fortunately, Noelani boarded at Graceland recently while under Lisa Avila of Burgeon Training’s care, and settled back in nicely! Her regimen now includes the Eurosizer, an automated walker for horses. In the following video, Rachel introduces Noelani to the walker. Being an intelligent horse, Noelani keeps herself together. Unfortunately, not shown is Rachel’s first carefully quieting the mare before leading her off. Running out is not an option!

Recent up trending changes include the addition of two wonderful riders for Tyrion and Hanako! Natalie has returned as Burgeon Training’s new assistant. Tyrion responds exceptionally well to her very quiet, steady seat and light hands. They are a good match! Kat is comfortably returning to riding with Hanako. Look for them at Yarra Yarra this February. Hanako’s size and easy going nature, for the most part, are good confidence builders!

Below is a video of Kat working Hanako while Natalie walks Tyrion, followed by a carousel of stills taken the last day of 2018.

Carolyn Orndoff