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Remember Ground Manners When Buying a Horse

When buying a horse, even a young one, remember to consider the quality of the horse's ground manners. There are quite a few manners a horse should should be able to do before you take it home, or you could end up paying a trainer to fix your horse. Taking into consideration age, condition, sex and breed characteristics, under normal circumstances, you should feel relatively comfortable in the presence of the horse. The ground manners necessary to create that energy are listed below.

The horse:

1. doesn't enter your space, which is about a 2 ft. diameter around you.

2. can be touched basically all over. You can groom and work around it without getting kicked or bitten.

3. moves out of your way to allow access into its stall.

4. readily picks up its hooves.

5. loads into a trailer.

6. is relatively bombproof to suit the environment whether it be parades, trail rides or arenas. 

7. easily accept tack, blankets, travel gear, bandages.

8. can be readily caught and haltered.

There may be other manners that you can think of, such as not kicking a hoof against the stall to get attention. Take a look at the following video, https://youtu.be/unQZiPHbh_Y, to see how polite Legend is for Lisa during grooming and being led out to turnout. A more reactive breed or youngster might act differently, but good manners can be expected within those parameters. 

When you think you've found the horse of your dreams, be sure to do more than just ride. Do all those activities listed above to ensure you can feel safe and enjoy your horse's company on the ground as well as in the saddle.


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