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Kat and Hanako

Early yesterday morning the air was crisp, cold and still. Definately a bundle up and wear a hat type of morning. Under a brilliant blue sky, standing water and mud, the aftereffects of the previous night’s rains, guaranteed dirty legs and leathers. Perfect weather for Kat to ride Hanako at Yarra Yarra Ranch!

Kat has been riding Hanako for several months. She trains with Lisa Avila of Burgeon Training at Reinstein Ranch.These two are such a good match. Relatively quiet and calm, capable through first level although she won’t give any of it to the rider, Hanako gave a relaxed, rhythmic and forward performance. The judge thought they were a cute pair.

The toughest challenge was cleaning Hanako, whose slightly lanolin coat is a dirt magnet. The weather prohibited a bath, but somehow Kat got most of the grunge off. That was a huge job! Kat works as a groom and must have used some trick. Fortunately, Hanako wears a blanket and loves to stand out in the rain, which helped a little. Also, despite regular grooming and very little mud or standing water in her paddock, Hanako’s lower legs need extra attention approaching show season. Hanako may be unpretentious, but she’s certainly high maintenance!

Panama Red, formerly Tyrion, stayed back at the Ranch, which is just as well, for he is a total mud monster. Yarra Yarra changed the policy on bringing in extra horses to school to allow for more show participants. Currently, unless he sells first, ISO a schooling show to take him to for a first time experience.

I’m always happy when someone takes an interest in Hanako. I wish I had ten more like her! The following is a short collection of stills and video of Kat’s ride. They performed two tests, Training Tests 2 and 3.