Panama Red (SOLD)

Photo by Marcus Green.

Photo by Marcus Green.


Panama Red became a project horse in October of 2018. Approximately eight years old, Red is a gelded Azteca (Andalusian/Quarter Horse) cross. Growing a lustrous red coat with black stockings, and full black mane and tail, Panama Red stands at 15.1 hands. Gentle and quiet, Panama Red is a quick learner! He has a lovely, smooth and forward movement. Whether English or Western, Panama Red has the makings of an all round lower level horse.

Panama Red’s chill behavior when introduced to new environments wasn’t a fluke at his first show. Schooling at Woodside, camping out at Eventful Acres, and showing at the 2019 August Woodside Horse Trials proved his steady demeanor to be a consistent trait! He also possesses enthusiasm, ring presence, a ten canter to the jumps, and a good head in abundance!

Lisa Avila takes him regularly to jump with Alexis Helffrich of Cheval Training at Graceland Equestrian Center.

Thanks to Marcus Green for the pictures from 2019 August Woodside Horse Trials.